Livey has made it a new habit over the past few months to take off whatever she has on when we start driving. It was kind of cute when she was taking off her shoes in the summer/fall but in full winter when the kids have hats, boots, mittens, neck warmers and whatever else will keep them warm, it can be a pain to have to redress them whenever we get to where we are going.

The other day when Livey was going somewhere with mom she thought it would be a good idea to take off her boots. She got real quiet while they were driving, which is not normal for her because she’s always got something that bugs her in the car; either she takes off her mittens and wants to put them back on but she can’t, so she starts whining, or she wants the book that is on the sear next to her but she can’t reach it, so she starts whining, or she wants daddy to GO! when I’m stopped at a red light and doesn’t understand why we aren’t moving, so she starts whining…I think you get the point.

Anyways this time she was very quiet during the drive and when mom went to take her out of the car this happened:

Mom: Oh my gosh Livey you took off your boots, and your socks this time! But where are your socks? And where are your mittens?

Livey then pulled her hands out from under her legs, threw her arms up in the air and yelled MITTENS!

She had taken her nice woolly socks and put them on her hands!


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