Where do baby’s come from? (but not quite, I’m not ready for that talk!)

When Bee goes to bed every night she loves to cuddle. She loves to have one of her parents lie down with her while she falls asleep, which she never does. It’s more like, ‘lie here while I try and do every little annoying thing that I like to do in and out of my bed, even though I’m supposed to be falling asleep’.

It has slowly turned into ‘Can I tell you about my day?’ or ‘Can we talk about something?’ Which honestly I find completely adorable. She’ll tell me about who she was playing with at daycare, or confess something about her day that she did that she isn’t necessarily proud of or tell me cute stories about what she wants to be when she grows up, currently it’s Princess Teacher Police Officer but she’s not sure how to actually become a Princess cause all of the girls in the movies are Princesses from the start!

The other night we had this little banter:

Bee: Daddy, I love you all the way to Florida!

Me: Aww thanks sweetie, I love you too. Did you know Nonni is on her way to Florida?

Bee: How is she getting there? It’s far away right?

Me: On a plane, you can drive there but it will take a really long time. Do you remember that you’ve been to Florida two times. The last time Livey was a little bigger than Brella and she was almost crawling.

Bee: And Brella was in mommy’s belly?

Me: No Brella wasn’t there yet. We didn’t have her…

Bee: So she was at Nonni’s house, with Nonni?

Me: No we didn’t have her…

Bee: So, where was she?

Me: (Kind of unsure where to go with this with the 4 year old) So what do you remember about Florida…?

Bee: ….there are pools and grass and sand….

The conversation went on but I got to change the topic and she barely noticed. I really wasn’t sure where I wanted that conversation to go and right then I wasn’t getting into how Brella got into mommy’s belly!



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