Rough Morning

This morning Livey woke up, as we say in our house, on the wrong side of the crib.

I was busy trying to put Brella back to sleep, so the rest of us could start our morning, and all that Livey wanted was Daddy. Mom went into her room to get her, but she was not having it. (If she had all her words, I’m sure this is what she would say) “Where is daddy, I was crying for daddy and he didn’t come in… this is unacceptable”. So Livey had a meltdown in her crib still waiting for daddy. The issue with Livey when she has any kind of a meltdown is she has no volume control and can be so loud!

I finally went in to get her and got her to calm down. She only wanted to get dressed on ‘mommy & daddy’s’ bed, so we went there (even though we never get dressed there in the morning). Once dressed, Mom was going to tie her hair, but she wasn’t having it. She lied down in mom’s lap and had another meltdown, so mom took Bee and went downstairs to tie her hair, leaving her with me.

I got dressed and in trying to calm Livey down and give her a hug, she threw her head into mine and my nose started bleeding. I tossed her back onto the bed to try and deal with this new problem and my nose drips onto her shirt. Great! Now she needs a new shirt. I grab a Kleenex in one hand and block my nose and throw Livey over my shoulder, go downstairs and drop her on the couch, where she proceeds to continue her meltdown.

Mom finally got to tie her hair, but when she tried to get her coat on her, she had another meltdown and we left her on the floor at the front door sounding like fire trucks coming to a five-alarm fire, while everyone else finished getting ready.

When we finally got her calmed down, I took her hand to walk outside. I looked down at Livey and said “Are you finished now, is there going to be anymore crying?”. She looked up with puffy eyes and red cheeks and said “Yes, I’m finished.”

She didn’t say boo all the way to daycare…

(The bonus in all of this, Bee, our opinionated 4 year-old, who never wants to do what we need her to do, was an angel all morning. She even came upstairs to get Livey a shirt (to replace the bloody one) and asked me if my bloody nose was okay! You have to look at the brighter side of things sometimes I guess!)


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